How Songwriters Get Inspiration For Their Songs

Writing a song is definitely hard work. One does not simply get a pen and a paper and then compose a brilliant song. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who spend hours and even days composing awesome and adorable songs.

There is no secret in song writing. Nevertheless, some song writers really just have a very easy time expressing their thoughts in words and in tunes. The reason why most of them easily compose songs is that they are inspired. If you want to write a song, it would help a lot of you are inspired. The following are some things where songwriters get their inspiration from.

Love life

The number one source of inspiration among songwriters is often their love life. If it is not their love life, then they probably get inspired in writing songs because of the love life of other people. Love is a common feeling that everybody in the world feels. Having a crush, falling in love, and breaking up – these are just the themes of songs that a lot of people could really relate to. That is why they are very practical themes for songs. Songs about love has always been around, and not just today. One who wants to find artists who sing about love could always visit an Indie artist blog.


One’s life history during their childhood days could also be a good source of inspiration in writing songs. There are a lot of music artists out there who write songs based on their childhood. This theme is very prominent in the genres of rap, soul, and blues. Songs with the themes of childhood usually do not promote about a songwriter’s actual childhood experiences. However, they simply raise awareness about certain issues children experience when they are young.


Another great source of inspiration for songs is nature. How beautiful nature is! Just by simply appreciation nice scenery, one would be able to write a lot of songs. Probably the most popular song about nature is ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. Because of the need to think greener in this ever-changing environment, more songs are being written about recycling and conservation.

Current events

There are also a lot of song writers who simply write songs based on current events. It is not a bad idea to write about things that are happening right now and the social or issues that people are currently dealing with In fact, song writers usually create songs as a form of protests against or support for sides of certain issues.

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